A Night with Florence Nightingale

May 12, 2009
Florence Nightingale, the acknowledged founder of modern nursing, appeared on the McBride auditorium stage of Allen College on her birthday, Tuesday, May 12, to share with celebrants details of her life and the many challenges she encountered during her long (90 years) life.

Since Miss Nightingale, who was born on May 12, 1820 died in 1910, her proxy for the evening was Dr. Marge Hegge, distinguished professor of nursing emerita at South Dakota State University. Dr. Hegge has visited Nightingale museums in Kaisersworth, Germany and St. Thomas Hospital in London.

She has portrayed Florence Nightingale over 50 times. Most recently, Dr. Hegge was the featured speaker and performer at the College of the Ozarks which has implemented a Nightingale-based nursing program. Dr. Hegge has devoted much time studying the life and philosophy of Nightingale and has collected memorabilia on Nightingale’s life for two decades. She continues to be inspired by Florence Nightingale’s courage, passion and perseverance.

Prior to Dr. Hegge’s interpretation of Miss Nightingale’s life, Allen College and the Allen College Alumni Association hosted a dinner for 44 guests in the College’s McKinstry Student Center. The entire evening was the culmination of National Nurses Week which is celebrated each year from May 6 (National Nurses Day) through May 12.
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