Allen College Diversity Student Of The Month

February 3, 2014

Kevin Folkerts


       Kevin Folkerts is a student in the accelerated nursing program at
  Allen College and will graduate at the end of the summer.  He grew
  up in Plainfield, IA and was the youngest of 3 children. 

       He has earned two previous degrees: a bachelor’s degree in
  athletic training from the University of Northern Iowa and a master’s
  degree in public administration from Drake University.

       After working in sales for a few years, he decided to go back to
  school to become a nurse because of the stability and the variety of
  options available in the nursing field.  Eventually he would like to
  become a nurse anesthetist or work in the ICU.

       Kevin originally heard about Allen College because of its close
  proximity to UNI and through one of his cousins who attended Allen several years ago.  He chose Allen because it offered the accelerated program allowing him to complete his degree in a timely manner. 

     Allen College has been a positive decision for Kevin because of its close proximity to home.  He also thinks Allen provides its students with the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in their future nursing careers.  He enjoys the relationships he has built with faculty, staff, and fellow nursing students at Allen College.  He looks forward to graduation and entering the nursing field to positively impact the lives of his patients

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