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The Allen Student Nurses' Association (ASNA) is a local chapter of the Iowa Association of Nursing Students (IANS); IANS is a constituent of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). Annual dues include membership in all three organizations. Regular business meetings are held and programs held enhance professional growth and career development. Benefits of ASNA membership include leadership development, career counseling, professional skill enhancement, and the establishment of networking relationships with other student nurses at the local, state, and national levels. Contact Peg Broadie (226-2029), Adisa Kudumovic (226-2063), or Lindsay Vogel (226-2026), the ASNA Faculty co-advisors, for more information.

Current Officers


Heather Evans and Mallory Adams
Vice Presidents:  Kimber Moler
Secretary:  Hannah Pearson
Treasurer: no one assigned currently
Communication Chair:no one assigned currently
Community Service Chair:Emily Christensen
Fundraising Chair: Laura Harmon

ASNA meeting minutes 4-4-2011

ASNA meeting minutes 2-7-2011

ASNA meeting minutes 1-10-2011

ASNA meeting minutes 12-6-2010

ASNA meeting minutes 10-4-2010

ASNA meeting minutes 9-13-2010

ASNA meeting minutes 2-1-2010

ASNA meeting minutes 1-11-2010

ASNA meeting minutes 12-7-2009

ASNA meeting minutes 9-21-2009

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